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Please view below our bespoke training videos on our website editor
Editing Website Text
The basics of creating a customized website: Show how to add and edit text in our Editor.
Working with images
This video is a full explanation of how to customize our websites by uploading, adding and editing images.
Add push notifications
Show your clients the option to communicate with their community in real time with push notifications, now available for Chrome visitors on web and Android.
Add a blog
Are your clients bloggers? Great. Help them set up their blog solution with this video.
Add business hours
Keep everyone one schedule with our business hours element. This video is a walkthrough of adding and customizing business hours on a responsive website.
Add Coupons
Get excited about coupons! Show your clients how to add, customize, and optimize coupons within their responsive website.
Social icons overview
Pump up engagement and conversions by teaching your clients how to add social media icons, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Add Maps
Show how you can add and work with maps on your client's responsive website.
Add Facebook like button
Show how to add a Facebook like button to your client's responsive website.
Add Facebook albums
Show your customer how you can add photo albums from Facebook to his responsive website. 
Click-to-call overview
How to add and customize a click-to-call button on your responsive website.
Add Facebook comments
Boost your clients’ engagement by teaching them how to add Facebook comments to their responsive website.
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