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Your website is your shop front…

If you can’t be found online, it’s like nailing a massive closed sign right across your business.

Think about it…as a business, you’ve probably found your phone rings less than it used to…and that fewer people pop in and browse your products and services.

Potential customers are still there, they still need and want you. They just choose to go online instead.

So it’s crucial you put your products, services and offers in front of them when they search the internet.

And the only way to do that – is via a website. 

What makes a good website?
The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic will come to your website. There’s no magic wand, but there are five key factors which drive better search engine rankings.
Mobile responsive The vast majority of searches are done on a phone and research shows 61% of users will leave your site if it’s not geared up for mobile. You’ll also be marked down by Google. At Archant, every website we build works seamlessly on every device.
Speed is key as 40% of users give up after just 3 seconds if your site hasn’t loaded on screen. We build sites that load instantly keeping users engaged.
Your site can only be found if properly indexed. The internet is like a massive lending library. To be found, you must make it easy for the bots that crawl the net finding relevant results. We have advanced knowledge of the right site indexing and tags to ensure customers can find you.
Websites need to portray your brand correctly. A poor site will give the wrong impression of your business. Our world class designers are experts in branding and digital design.

But your site still needs to be functional. Is everything easily found and well laid out?
It sounds simple, but there’s an art to offering the best user experience. We know how.
What should I put on my website?
Of course your website is there to sell your brand, products and services, but it should also go much further. Creating helpful content, like a blog, some advice, a Q&A or top tips section, even a ‘how to’ video, builds affinity with your audience, demonstrates your expertise and sets you apart from competitors. What’s more, search engines actively promote sites that provide users with rich, fresh, unique content. All the websites we build make it easy for you to upload your articles quickly and easily – we can even produce them for you. 
But I have a Facebook page so i'm sorted, right?
Social media is fantastic, but it’s not the same as a website. Your site gives you complete control. Your own position on the digital high street.
Do you create e-commerce sites?
Absolutely. Whether you have one, or one hundred different products, our e-commerce packages get you trading with customers quickly and securely.
How do I get a website address?
Talk to us. When we create your website, the first thing we’ll do is secure a domain (i.e. a website address) that works for your business. 
I already have a site but i'm thinking of working with you...
No problem. We make the process of transferring over your current domain really simple with no down-time.
Is there anything else I need to know?
We will never build a website and then walk away. You’ll want to see how your site is performing. We’ll help you make sense of insight and analytics. And whilst the sites we build are designed to be extremely simple and intuative to manage yourself, if you do need any help, we’re on the end of a phone. We’ve also created a series of jargon-free tutorial videos. 
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